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April Cohort

April Cohort


Welcome to the Forgiveness Mastermind Course: Transform Your Life in 6 Weeks.

Are you ready to embark on a transformative journey towards healing and personal growth? Join us for a powerful 6-week mastermind course dedicated to the profound art of forgiveness. In this course, you will learn invaluable strategies, engage in practical exercises, and follow weekly practices designed to help you release the shackles of past pain.

Nyeesha's program is designed to guide you in recognizing your personal power, nurturing your inner self, reshaping your thought patterns, and gaining mastery over your emotions. You will discover that the path to forgiveness is a path to freedom, inner peace, and a brighter future.

Additional Perks:

1. One-on-One Personal Development Session: You will receive a 60-minute personal development session with our experienced instructor. This session will provide you with individualized guidance and support on your forgiveness journey, allowing you to address specific challenges and accelerate your progress.

2. Comprehensive Resources: As part of the course, you will receive a copy of the PowerPoint presentation used during the sessions. This serves as a valuable reference, enabling you to revisit and reinforce your learning at your own pace.

3. A copy of Forgiveness: Overcome Emotional Trauma, Heal Relationships, And Find Inner Peace in just 8 Simple Steps: You'll receive a copy of this insightful book, a companion to your mastermind experience. It provides an in-depth exploration of forgiveness and offers practical guidance to support your journey even after the course concludes.

Join us in the "Forgiveness Mastermind Course," and take the first step towards a life free from the burdens of the past. Embrace the power of forgiveness, heal old wounds, and open the door to lasting inner peace and personal transformation.


Don't miss this opportunity to rewrite your story and create a brighter future.

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