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Meet Nyeesha

She has been in healthcare for twenty years, specializing in women's health and trauma survivors. Nyeesha D. Williams is a mental wellness practitioner, humanitarian, author, life coach, and NAMI board member. She deeply understands mental health and uses it to help others battling anxiety, depression, creative blocks, and artistic stagnation.

Nyeesha, an alumnus of Renaissance Life Therapies under Dr. Libby Seery, is a recent Harvard attendee who has achieved professional certifications from the National Institute for Clinical Application of Behavioral Medicine, Mental Health First Aid through the National Council for Mental Wellbeing, and Question, Persuade & Refer which aims to decrease suicidal behavior and save lives. Her excellence in the field has been honored with awards such as "2018 Best Business Influencer”, “2022 Maternal Health Maverick”, “2022 Best SEL Coach”, and "Women Leader of the Year" Honorary Award. The City of Long Beach also gave her a Certificate of Recognition among many others. Nyeesha continues to devote her skills to serving women, men, and children.

Nyeesha has struggled with feeling isolated and vulnerable, so it's no wonder that she partnered with Founder, Sonny Thadani, to promote 'My Robin,' a company that empowers educators, students, and families with skills to achieve their personal growth, potential, and well-being.

When Nyeesha isn’t working with Serenity & Robin, she volunteers her time as a NAMI Helpline Specialist, providing support services, resource referrals, and support to thousands of individuals with mental health conditions, their family members, and caregivers, mental health providers, and the public. She travels around the country, presenting workshops and promoting mental health and healing for women in similar situations to hers.


Nyeesha is a cheerleader for women in the same position as she was decades ago. In her role as an author, Nyeesha seeks to create interactive and guided books that help people in her community, especially women, find their way, heal, and thrive.

In order to be happy and grow, Nyeesha believes self-care and self-awareness are essential. She enjoys hiking, meditation, and exploring new places with her family.

your Nyeesha

"Nyeesha's hunger and drive to bridge the gap of hate in this world are unmatched and it shows in her books. She is a great remedy for anyone who struggles with themselves."

Aries Musik



What if you healed so much that authenticity begins to seep out your pores?

When you're on the path to finding your deeper self, you're going to look different to some people. The way you speak will sound foreign. The way you move and love yourself will become intimidating. The way you take risks will look too dangerous. At this moment in time you have to ask yourself what's more important. Do you continue the search of finding yourself or do you continue the path of consoling them?


The point of it all is to heal entirely. Do not fear the people that leave in numbers. Fear losing yourself in minutes. Stay focused on the goal.


The healing. The peace. And the quiet. Soulfully.



A woman in a coat walking

Program Review- New York

"I never knew how deep my fears were until Nyeesha helped me uncover them. I now know, with her coaching, what my weaknesses are and what my strengths are too. This has been an amazing process and has taught me a lot about myself."

Samantha W.

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