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Nyeesha D. Williams, an accomplished author of “Herstorys: Her History Told Through the Eyes of Her True Self”. Nyeesha’s twenty years of experience in women’s health, clinical research, coaching, trauma release, and urban community risk mitigation shines through in her newest book release titled, “Forgiveness: Overcome Emotional Trauma, Heal Relationships And Find Inner Peace In Just 8 Simple Steps”.

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"Nyeesha's hunger and drive to bridge the gap of hate in this world are unmatched and it shows in her books. She is a great remedy for anyone who struggles with themselves."

Aries Musik



What if you healed so much that authenticity begins to seep out your pores?

When you're on the path to finding your deeper self, you're going to look different to some people. The way you speak will sound foreign. The way you move and love yourself will become intimidating. The way you take risks will look too dangerous. At this moment in time you have to ask yourself what's more important. Do you continue the search of finding yourself or do you continue the path of consoling them?


The point of it all is to heal entirely, both personally + professionally. Do not fear the people that leave in numbers. Fear losing yourself in minutes. Stay focused on the goal. The healing. The peace. And the quiet. Soulfully.


Kind words

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Book Review- New York

"Reading her words and learning that she herself experienced and overcame certain traumas like me is reassuring and her transparency is refreshing. Nyeesha has used her life as a textbook which comes from a real place and now this book is just another sign of her growth."

Tamykah A.

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Women are abandoning the need to just come together and gossip, they are coming together to heal, grow and prosper. 

This is the new sisterhood.