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Nyeesha D. Williams which is the music industry's mental health coach

Hey There

I'm Nyeesha -
Mental Health Expert

My mission in life is to help people unlock their true potential by cutting through all the noise.., so they can create a better reality for themselves— that can mean a fulfilling personal life, a successful career in entertainment, or a business project that brings joy or all of them together.

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If I Can Do It, So Can You

Nyeesha D. Williams is a multifaceted mental well-being expert with an impressive career spanning two decades. Her extensive background in healthcare, specializing in women's health and trauma survivors, has honed her deep understanding of mental health dynamics. Nyeesha's diverse roles as an adjunct professor, humanitarian, author, life coach, and NAMI board member reflect her unwavering commitment to the field.


She holds credentials from prestigious institutions like Renaissance Life Therapies and Harvard Business School. Nyeesha's professional certifications, including those from the National Institute for Clinical Application of Behavioral Medicine and the National Council for Mental Wellbeing's Mental Health First Aid, attest to her expertise. Additionally, her involvement in Question, Persuade & Refer, aimed at reducing suicidal behavior, underscores her dedication to mental health advocacy.


Nyeesha's remarkable contributions have garnered accolades such as "2018 Best Business Influencer," "2022 Maternal Health Maverick," "2022 Best SEL Coach," and the esteemed "Women Leader of the Year" Honorary Award. Her impact is also recognized locally, as evidenced by The City of Long Beach Certificate of Recognition.


Nyeesha's passion extends beyond her professional achievements. She has expanded her non-profit initiatives to include Sacrit Devas, dedicated to empowering girls between the ages of 11-19. Additionally, her non-profit has evolved into overseeing three all-girl schools in Uganda, Malawi, and now Ghana. This expansion does not include the programs she has built and created for schools in other regions of Africa.


In addition, Nyeesha is the Founder and Executive Director of Serenity For Mothers, a membership-based community that serves as a haven for BIPOC mothers to rediscover themselves. When we think there is no time left;  Nyeesha generously volunteers as a NAMI Helpline Specialist. Her role involves providing invaluable support services, resource referrals, and assistance to individuals dealing with mental health conditions, their families, caregivers, mental health providers, and the wider community.


Nyeesha firmly believes that self-care and self-awareness are integral to happiness and personal growth. When she's not making a difference in the mental health landscape, she enjoys activities like hiking, meditation, and exploring new places with her family.


Sometimes the Bad Things Can Have a Positive Impact

At first glance, it seemed like I had it all – a thriving career, substantial income, and success. But beneath the surface, a sense of incompleteness gnawed at me.


I realized I had been living up to the expectations of others rather than following my true path. An emptiness lingered, and I yearned to fill it.


In 2008, a pivotal moment changed everything. I embarked on a journey, founding a non-profit organization dedicated to helping my community find healing through artistic expression. It became clear that my genuine source of happiness lay in assisting others to discover themselves through music, dance, writing, and art.


The turning point came when I made the daring decision to leave behind my 20-year healthcare career, which had presented an illusion of success but left me unfulfilled.


In the aftermath, I dissected the elements that had propelled me to success and shared them with a broader audience. This transformation led to sold-out workshops and best-selling self-help books, as I empowered others to embark on their unique paths to fulfillment.

Hand Stand During Dance Performance
Woman practicing restorative yoga with Nyeesha D. Williams
Women in Meditation during session
Group setting during forgiveness course

Get to Know Me A Little Better


Expanding my non-profit to 3 all-girl schools in Africa


Read, Hike, Travel, and Listen to Music


"The Body Keeps The Score" by Bessel Van Der Kolk, M.D


I Watch Less TV These Days, but Definitely "The Tiny Desk Concert"


Receive a Grammy for my mental health and wellness work in my industry


Good Things Only Happen When You Work For Them


Ready For the Next Steps?

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