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I would love to hear from you! I aim to answer all emails within my normal business hours of Tuesday to Friday 9am-2pm EST


Do you have knowledge in Mental Health?

Yes, I have over 20 years of mental wellness experience and I am well-versed in several different modalities that assist with your alternative therapy approach.

Do you work with teenagers?

Yes, I absolutely love working with teenagers. This is actually where I began my coaching work through my non-profit serving ages 11-19.

Do you do corporate sessions?

Yes, I have worked with many companies, both small and large. I would suggest the corporate program package that has been a success every time!

Do you do virtual session?

Yes, most of my one on one coaching sessions are virtual unless they are on our scheduled in-person days. As far as corporations, teen groups, and panel talks - I do these once a month.

Why must this program last for 6 months?

The decision for a 6-month duration for the program is based on comprehensive studies and considerations. This timeframe allows for a structured and sustained approach, ensuring participants receive adequate support, achieve meaningful progress, and develop sustainable coping mechanisms.

Have you worked with musicians?

The majority of my client base is music industry professionals and their families. I work with them on and off the road and their families throughout the year. 

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