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Women in the Street

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Do you have knowledge in Mental Health?

Yes, I have over 20 years of mental wellness experience and I am well-versed in several different modalities that assist with your alternative therapy approach.

Do you work with teenagers?

Yes, I absolutely love working with teenagers. This is actually where I began my coaching work through my non-profit serving ages 11-19.

Do you do corporate sessions?

Yes, I have worked with many companies, both small and large. I would suggest the corporate program package that has been a success every time!

Do you do virtual sessions?

Yes, most of my one on one coaching sessions are virtual unless they are on our scheduled in-person days. As far as corporations, teen groups, and panel talks - I do these once a month.

What does "starting at" mean?

Each package is made up of evidence-based strategies aimed at improving the mental, physical, and social well-being of each client. The starting cost is the beginning fee of a

6-month program.

Have you worked with musicians?

The majority of my client base is music industry professionals and their families. I work with them on and off the road and their families throughout the years.

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