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Rhythms of Resilience: A Candid Conversation with Ryan Trey

Discover Ryan Trey, the new maestro of Rap and R&B, as he guides us through the highs and lows, unveiling the inspirations and crucial moments that define his unique artistic expression and unwavering determination.

Ran Trey standing outside

Join me as we explore the creative mind of the talented Ryan Trey, delving into his music, inspirations, and the unique perspectives that define him.

Nyeesha: I appreciate you taking the time to join me for this conversation and open up about your life experiences. As artists, we often balance vulnerability with guardedness, and your courage has always inspired me. It's a privilege to share this moment with you. Can you briefly introduce yourself and your background?

Ryan Trey: Sure, I'm Ryan Trey, a Rap/R&B artist originally from St. Louis, MO, but now based in Atlanta, Georgia.

Nyeesha: Nice! It truly feels like Atlanta is the place to be right now. So, tell me... What inspired you to pursue your current profession?

Ryan Trey: As a kid, I was often alone since we moved a bunch for my dad's job. Changing schools a lot meant I never had a solid core friend group, so I hung out in my room most of the time. That's when I got into writing and eventually started making my own music.

Nyeesha: I immediately wanted to feel sad but look what came out of you finding something constructive to do while experiencing alone time.

Nyeesha: I'm curious to know which project you found the most exciting to work on and, of course, why it stood out for you?

Ryan Trey: I would have to say it's my latest album, "Streets Say You Miss Me" because it was my first time working in a collaborative effort with so many other producers and artists in the studio every night.

Nyeesha: That's fire!! And I'm sure it was an adrenaline rush. Speaking of collaborative efforts - Can you share any mentors or role models who've influenced you? Take us to the moment when you knew their influence impacted you.

Ryan Trey: I'd say my dad. He's always given me the confidence to pursue whatever I believed in. He also taught me to push through pain because it's only temporary. Being able to express myself and stay true to who I am was crucial in getting into music, and I owe that to my pops. If I had to pick beyond my dad, artists like Lauryn Hill, Drake, and J. Cole have had a big impact on my musical journey.

Nyeesha: You won me over as soon as you said, "Lauryn Hill".

Nyeesha: Tell me... How has life changed for you since being in the spotlight?

Ryan Trey: I'm definitely a lot busier. By now, I should probably have a million points from all this flying. Ha! I really enjoy traveling and doing what I love for a living. Plus, I've got some new ventures outside of music keeping me engaged. I try to squeeze in recording whenever I can amid all the other stuff I have going on.

"As we delve into Ryan Trey's remarkable journey, it's impossible not to feel a sense of pride for all he has accomplished and the strides he continues to make. From his roots in St. Louis to the vibrant rhythm of Atlanta, Ryan's ability to stay true to himself and remain grounded reflects not only his musical prowess but also the authenticity that has fueled his artistic journey from the start. The admiration for his achievements, especially his latest album's collaborative triumph, is palpable. It's evident that Ryan's unwavering dedication to his craft, paired with his commitment to staying genuine, serves as the bedrock for his success. With each question, it becomes clearer that Ryan Trey is not only making waves in the music scene but is destined for greatness in the broader landscape of life." - Nyeesha D. Williams

Nyeesha: Now let's go behind the curtain... What happens When The Music Stops for you? No sounds, no distractions, no noise... just you and your thoughts.

Ryan Trey: I'd be lying if I said I'm never not thinking about something. I have this hunger right now that's driving me to be great at everything I want to achieve. Unfortunately, I haven’t reached a place of silence in my mind at any point in time yet, but I am actively striving to carve out an hour in my day to do absolutely nothing. For now that feels impossible.

Nyeesha: I can respect that and I thank you for being honest about where you are at the moment. But I peeped how you just came up with a healthy solution to bring a little calm in your day-to-day. I love that!

Nyeesha: When you think of anxiety and depression what comes to mind?

Ryan Trey: Fear. I think fear is the biggest threat to human life. The fear of not being enough for the world or for your loved ones, not getting the opportunity you'd like, or fearing that you will never be okay, and many other examples. From personal experience, I think fear is a driving factor when it comes to depression and anxiety, so in my opinion, when I have gone through those times, learning to believe I can get through anything helped boost my self-esteem and confidence over time. Even if it’s just as simple as telling yourself in the mirror every day, "I'm going to be okay." That can go a long way.

Nyeesha: Yaaaaas, Ryan! I'm so happy you said this, and kudos to you for learning this practice at such a young age. Speaking positive affirmations in the mirror each day is a powerful routine. Some might think it's nonsense, but it's a reminder to believe in yourself. It boosts your confidence and shapes a positive mindset, addressing anxiety and depression. This intentional practice nurtures a mindset focused on resilience and self-assurance, helping you regain mental strength during low or fearful moments. I'm proud of you!

Nyeesha: So, how do you maintain a positive outlook while navigating an industry often associated with negativity?

Ryan Trey: Prayer. Maintain my relationship with the Most High. And that's all there is to it!

Nyeesha: Okay, I promise there are only a few more questions. What's one lesson you've learned silently that you're ready to share with the world?

Ryan Trey: Everything in life is timing!

Nyeesha: Noted! Ha

Nyeesha: What would be the name of 'The Soundtrack of Your Life' in this current stage? Tell us why

Ryan Trey: "The Breakthrough" because I feel like I'm really close to reaching the goals in my life that I've wanted for a decade.

Nyeesha: - I believe praise and giving people their flowers while they're still here to smell them is so important. So as we close, share with me who deserves praise from your community

Ryan Trey: I'd shoutout @taywebster my PR she’s a new addition to my team and I'm so grateful because she helped me so much this 2nd half of the year.

Nyeesha: Tell her how you feel...

Ryan Trey: Tay, You are a woman of your word! And a great teammate and I appreciate you sincerely

As we conclude this insightful conversation with Ryan Trey, it's evident that his journey is not just about the beats and melodies but a testament to resilience, courage, and an unwavering commitment to authenticity. From the dynamic rhythms of St. Louis to the bustling energy of Atlanta, Ryan's path reflects a fusion of diverse influences and a profound dedication to his craft. The narrative weaves through the highs of collaborative triumphs to the introspective moments of finding stillness in a bustling mind. With a heart grounded in gratitude, Ryan acknowledges the mentors, the influences, and the invaluable members of his team. As he stands on the brink of a breakthrough, "The Breakthrough" indeed seems like the perfect soundtrack to this chapter, echoing the anticipation of reaching long-held goals. Ryan Trey's journey is not just about the music; it's a symphony of determination, authenticity, and the promising cadence of a bright future


Nyeesha D. Williams at a concert

With a multifaceted career spanning two decades, Nyeesha D. Williams is a mental well-being expert. Her extensive background in healthcare, particularly in women's health and trauma survivors, has deepened her understanding of mental health dynamics. Nyeesha's diverse roles as an adjunct professor, humanitarian, author, life coach, and NAMI board member reflect her unwavering commitment to the field.

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