Heal, then thrive.

As a result of my personal development program, women push past their limiting beliefs, walk into their greatness with tremendous enthusiasm and triumph, and show up in the world in ways they've never shown up before, more powerfully.


I work with women and teen girls who are ready to stop living in their own shadows, start standing in their greatest light, and are unapologetic about showing the world who they really are. 

Are you ready to start or know someone that is?

Nyeesha's vector art
Nyeesha's vector art
Nyeesha's vector art
Nyeesha's vector art

you could heal by living in your truth?

What if...

Studies show that we lie to ourselves, (and others)

 at least 11 times a week. It suggests if we change our way of living by choosing truthfulness - we could see a positive shift in not only our mental health but our physical health. So... I took the challenge. 

After 20 pounds lost, Recognition from Barack Obama, Career success growth by 72%, and a healthier and happier lifestyle, I knew it was time to share with the world how authenticity and positive thinking changed my life and how it could change the lives of others. 


The personal decisions you make today, affect your future tomorrow.


Are you ready?


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What You Need to Know

More than just a blog

My brand was built on vulnerability and transparency. It all started when I decided to self-publish Herstorys: Her history told through the eyes of her true self in 2015. Although my entire career was based on research of young girls and women and the steps that needed to take to help heal their physical bodies, this time around I was more inspired to tap into the minds of my patients. 


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Who Am I?

I'm Nyeesha D. Williams


I am a student at Harvard Business School, and a graduate of My Vinyasa Practice and Renaissance Life Therapies under Dr. Libby Seery, from the well-respected Harley Street in Central London. My career success and excellence have been recognized across several fronts, leading me to be presented with the "Best Business Influencer" award, the "Women Leader of the Year" honorary award, a "Certificate of Recognition" by the City of Long Beach, an accolade from the House of Representatives under the Barack Obama administration, and many, many more. 

xo Nyeesha



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