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Nyeesha D. Williams coaching musicians in los angeles


"I Help Girls & Women Conquer Anxiety, Heal, and Thrive On and Off The Stage"

Nyeesha D. Williams: Unleashing Transformation in Entertainment, Education, and Enterprise Industries Through Mental Health Advocacy.

In 2022, Nyeesha D. Williams launched When The Music Stops, pioneering a new era. Her vision extended beyond helping those in entertainment cope with anxiety and depression; it encompassed breaking creative barriers and revitalizing artistry. With over two decades of industry experience and collaboration with influential figures, Nyeesha saw the urgent need for a holistic mental health approach.

Nyeesha's mission? To redefine culture by dismantling mental health stigmas. She champions universal access to top-tier care and resources for all on their healing and thriving journey.

Nyeesha's innovative programs have empowered 1.5 million+ women and girls, equipping them to conquer mental and emotional challenges. 

Current Client Companies:

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Hey there, I'm Nyeesha

Are You Ready to Create a More Healing & Thriving Life
You Know You Deserve?

If you're feeling stuck and don't know where to begin, then don't worry - you're in the right place! Change happens from within, but sometimes we just need a little push from the outside and someone to guide us through the obstacles. My goal is to be that support for you and get you in the right mindset to create the life of your dreams.

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Here's What I Can Help You With

What does a Mental Health Coach Do?

Discover What You Want

Unlock Your Dream Life: I will help you uncover what's been holding you back.

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Break Limiting Beliefs
Breathtaking Views




Take Action

I will not only help you pinpoint your goals but also lead you confidently towards achieving them. 

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I'll guide you in shedding the beliefs that no longer serve your progress.

Nyeesha is an excellent mental health coach! She has helped me through some tough times and I couldn't be more grateful. She is kind, patient, and understanding. I would definitely recommend her to anyone looking for help in achieving their goals.

Diane Wheeler

Stop dreaming & start doing

Need Some Help With Gaining More Prosperity in Life?

Get Started with my "Healing & Prosperity" course where I will guide you through the simple steps to:

1. Forgive for your mental, emotional, and physical health

2. Release childhood beliefs that are interfering with present-day growth

3. Create personalized strategies to assist you with letting go in order to gain success

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Follow the steps to greatness

Ready For the Next Steps?

Don't Put Off The Most Important Decision of Your Life - Get Started Now!

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