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Meet @NyeeshaD

Life & Business Coach, Author, Women's Wellness Advocate, Speaker and Podcast Host

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Nyeesha D. Williams is a Celebrity Coach & Global Inspirational Speaker that mentors young girls and women of color in underserved communities. As an educator, she currently has two active schools in Africa and one in Los Angeles, USA that teaches young girls the power of artistic expressions and entrepreneurial consciousness.

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There are times when I find my most peace in solitude. Sometimes social media isn't the way I like to share my words and then there are times when I just don't want to grab the microphone to speak. 

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“Nyeesha has been such an inspiration to my life. There were many times when

I felt like I failed in life, and she was the one who encouraged me to move forward. Her sessions are so unorthodox, but that's what I love about her approach to things.”

Diana Waldman

“She made me feel safe and I never felt emasculated by her presence. In my opinion her advice is as genuine and straight forward as can be. I may not have wanted to hear what she had to tell me, but I needed to hear it. I know her guidance helps me with my relationship with myself and with my future wife and family.”

Eric Leon 

“That's the thing about Nyeesha, though she doesn't care that you'll be mad at her for a little while after she has forced you to look at yourself and take ownership for not only the good parts about yourself, but the ugly parts too. She will still be present!”

Rachel Rose


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