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Heal, then thrive.

The goal of Nyeesha's personal mission is to help women, men, and children overcome limiting beliefs, show up in the world in ways they have never done before, and walk into their greatness with enthusiasm and triumph. In addition to one-on-one coaching, Nyeesha offers group coaching, workshops, retreats, and speaking engagements.


If you want to live your best life, contact Nyeesha today!

Nyeesha's vector art
Nyeesha's vector art
Nyeesha's vector art
Nyeesha's vector art

you could heal by living in your truth?

What if...

In addition to being professionals, Nyeesha and her team are also people who have been there. Working with Nyeesha allows you to heal and grow, while at the same time tapping into what you've avoided for so long. A transformational experience for teens, women, corporations, and crowds of thousands has occurred when we bring you into your truth so you can see yourself and your role.


The personal decisions you make today, affect your future tomorrow.


Are you ready?


15-Minute Clarity Call

Personal Wellness Program

Corporate Wellness Program



"This is a space for women (and men) who want to learn more about mental health, parenting, self-care, and just ways to navigate everyday life. My goal is to provide advice, laughs, and stories from real people who have been through it all but mainly my personal endeavors. It's true- I believe that every woman has the right to feel her best mentally and physically.  So that's why this blog was created in 2022 by me, Nyeesha, a mother of three and a mental health practitioner. May you receive advice, enjoy the bellyaches of laughter, and feel seen through the stories of many. Welcome!"


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Women at the Beach







Who Am I?

I'm Nyeesha D. Williams

Let's just see how this goes without throwing out a title. Who am I? I'm this adventurous, spontaneous, and silly girl from Newark, NJ who believed in herself but gave up several times because of fear and trauma. I never thought I would meet thousands of people who saw me in my rawest form and still loved me.

Since I was three years old, I attended a performing arts school (I was accepted for music and dance) and traveled the world. I love the outdoors (I'd hike, go skinny dipping, and snowboard all in one day), and many other things as well. But you'll be stuck here all day with me!

Anywhoo, thank you for stopping by to learn more about who I am, why I am, and how I can assist you.

Don't hesitate to hit that 'Hire Me' tab if you need me or have any questions.

*whispers* My brief bio is under the 'About' section.

xo Nyeesha



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