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We're filming a documentary on my life!

I've heard it for several years that my life was a movie but never did I guess it was really going to be a MOVIE.


A docu-series on the trauma, healing, and forgiveness of Nyeesha Williams. ​ This project aims to show how the steps of forgiveness can be an effective tool to heal oneself and find inner peace. After this current year of the global pandemic, natural disasters, poverty, job and food insecurity, and emotional distress for the global populous, these steps are invaluable to help the world heal itself. Championed by its creator and founder, Nyeesha Williams; this project will draw from her personal experience, expertise as a counselor and medical professional, and how she has not only been able to shape and bring peace to her life but to the lives of thousands of others around the world. Through this project, Nyeesha’s life will help expand the Universal Sisterhood that she helped form and cultivate.

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