This book will help you:

  • ●  Release many years' worth of bottled-up emotions and grudges - and let them go peacefully!

  • ●  Restore relationships with your estranged family members - but this time, set clear boundaries!

  • ●  Raise happy, confident, loving children - don't pass your traumas along to them

  • ●  Regain control over your life - don't let your past shape your future!

  • ●  Rise above your pain and find emotional healing - all in 8 simple steps!


This 3-part biographical interactive journal, Nyeesha takes you on a roller coaster ride through her life of healing, transforming, and manifesting. Not only does she take you on a ride of her life, but she challenges you to go on a ride of your own. 

Buckle Up!

90 Days of Affirmations

The 90 Days of Affirmations is a digital ebook that helps you find your power and take control over your life. Because even when you believe you have it all together it never hurts to find a little more magic to push your greatness over the top.

Over the course of 90 Days, Nyeesha shares affirmations that have helped her win back her life AND she implements challenges for you to do the same.